Complete Granola/Cereal Bar Production Line

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Location: UK

  • Kemutec 500HE Plough Mixer with dry and liquor feeds
  • 3-station Dosing System
  • Spooner 3-compartment Conveyor Oven, variable temperature and speed
  • Hosokawa Kreuter GMBH BKK1300 Top and Bottom Cooling Tunnel
  • Key Vibratory Feed
  • Cablevey Tubular Drag Conveyor System
  • £300,000 Recent Investment on Spooner Oven
  • Used to Produce Jordans Granola
  • Previously Used to Produce Jordans Frusli Bars
  • Dismantled and Ready For Shipping
This line cannot be used within the UK or EU

For further information please contact Jason Pinder by email